Replica Railways' Frequently Asked Questions



Why can’t I purchase products from Replica Railways online?



We are predominantly a manufacturer and unfortunately we have few staff available to specifically handle sales and retail stock levels – to avoid possible disappointment we just prefer to speak directly to our customers.


What adhesives should I use when using or assembling your products?


Please refer to the ‘Using Our Parts...' section in the Spares and Accessories menu.


How can I find new items?


E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. putting “NOTIFY ME” in the subject box and you will receive an update when any new items are released.


Why is it more expensive to purchase all the parts of your ready to run items than it is to obtain the same item complete?


Put simply: the parts for retail and the parts for our own assembly are costed differently due to the quantities in which they have been produced – smaller ‘runs’ are made for our retail sales. Add to that the cost of individual packaging, instructions etc. and that is the price difference.


Would Replica Railways ever consider ‘re-doing’ past models, specifically the PCV?


We reserve the right to produce any of our past U.K production items with the exception of our limited editions (see our Product Archive for details). The re-introduction of the Propelling Control Vehicle is a different matter as the tooling to produce this vehicle was altered considerably after we ceased production. It is extremely unlikely we would reproduce this model again.